On June 6, 2018 attorneys at Hartnett Gladney Hetterman, LLC, with the assistance of contacts across the country, were able to preserve the National Labor Relation Boards’ Obama Era ruling on joint-employer status. The Board had attempted to overturn reasonable joint-employer analysis labor protections for the most vulnerable and underpaid workers.  However, with the help of associates in Washington D.C. and California, Hartnett Gladney Hetterman, LLC attorneys were able to point out errors in the ruling and thereby retain protections for workers in precarious fields such as warehouses, fast food industries, and sub-tier construction contractors.  In response to the ruling the Board has acknowledged that it will not be able to change joint-employer status through further court proceedings and instead will move to rule-making.  Such rules may eventually deny some workers protection but for the time being their rights are safe.  The case is Hy-Brand Industrial Contractors Ltd. and Brandt Construction Co., as a single employer and/or joint-employer.  25 CA 163189 et al. 366 NLRB 39 and 366 NLRB 94, June 6, 2018.