A Long History Representing Workers

Hartnett Reyes-Jones, LLC has represented labor organizations and multiemployer fringe benefit plans for over 100 years. Originally founded under the name Bartley and Mayfield, it is the oldest law firm in St. Louis specializing in these practice areas. Hartnett Reyes-Jones, LLC represents clients across the United States.

What We Do for Labor Unions

The firm represents public and private sector labor unions at the local, intermediate, and international levels. The firm assists labor unions in collective bargaining, grievance and unfair labor practice proceedings, organizing, regulatory and governmental affairs, and internal union governance.

What We Do for Funds

The firm also represents multiemployer fringe benefit plans including welfare, pension, vacation, and apprenticeship funds as well as labor-management cooperation trusts. The firm drafts and amends plan documents, advises fiduciaries on administration and compliance issues, and represents plans before the Internal Revenue Service and the Department of Labor.